Remembering a Trailblazer: Honoring the Legacy of Bruce Hensell in the Lawn Bowls Community

A Tribute to the Chairman and Former Managing Director of Henselite, the World’s Largest Bowls Manufacturer

The world of lawn bowls is shrouded in sorrow as it mourns the passing of one of its greatest trailblazers, Bruce Hensell. Chairman and former managing director of Henselite, the world’s largest bowls manufacturer, Bruce’s legacy is etched into the very fabric of the sport he loved and helped shape. Join us as we pay tribute to a visionary, a pioneer, and a true icon who dedicated his life to advancing the world of lawn bowls.

A Legacy Born from Family Heritage

Bruce Hensell’s connection to the world of lawn bowls was deeply rooted in his family history. Grandson of Henselite’s founder, William Hensell, who revolutionized the art of shaping uniform bowls, and son of Raymond Hensell, who introduced hard plastic phenyl formaldehyde as the material to craft bowls, Bruce inherited a legacy of innovation and commitment to excellence. In 1956, Bruce joined the family company and embarked on a journey that would leave an indelible mark on the sport.

A Force in Engineering and Global Reach

Bruce Hensell’s impact on Henselite was monumental. Armed with engineering prowess, he lent his expertise to the company’s operations, enhancing their capabilities and pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship. Under his guidance, Henselite evolved from a local enterprise to a global brand, gracing lawns and greens in various corners of the world. His dedication and vision transformed Henselite into a name synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation.

A Conversation with a Legend

World Bowls president John Bell reminisces about his encounters with Bruce Hensell. “I first met Bruce and Jenny during the 1980 World Championships in Melbourne at the Henselite tent,” Bell recalls. “We shared many enjoyable conversations during the tournament which continued wherever we met during my long career on the world circuit.”

Bruce Hensell’s presence was not just about business; it was about his passion for the sport and his desire to connect with fellow enthusiasts. His insights, experiences, and views enriched the lawn bowls community and left an indelible impression on those who had the privilege of engaging with him.

A Lasting Legacy

The Henselite bowl, Bruce’s unique legacy, is a testament to his ingenuity and dedication. Crafted to perfection, it has stood the test of time, achieving global acclaim and becoming an integral part of the sport. Bruce Hensell’s contributions to lawn bowls are immeasurable – he paved the way for advancements, inspired innovation, and elevated the sport to new heights.

A Fond Farewell

Bruce Hensell leaves behind his beloved wife Jennifer and his sons Alistair and Mark – the current managing director of Henselite. His legacy lives on not only through his family but also through the thriving global bowls community that he nurtured and transformed.

As we bid farewell to a visionary and a true champion of lawn bowls, let us carry forward his spirit of innovation, dedication, and love for the sport. Bruce Hensell’s memory will forever shine brightly in the hearts of all who share in the joy of lawn bowls.

Until next time – let’s continue to roll in his honor and keep the spirit of innovation alive!


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