How Champion Grip Elevates Your Game


Achieve the ideal grip to confidently release your bowl with precision, knowing it will follow your command.

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Say goodbye to tense muscles and erratic weight. Champion Grip enables a fluid and graceful delivery, improving your overall consistency.

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Psychological Advantage

Gain a mental edge over your competition with the confidence of a superior grip. Let your focus remain on strategy and execution.

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How to Achieve the Perfect Grip

Our convenient 120ml can is equipped with a pressure pack that delivers an outstanding grip and a flawless sheen to your cherished bowls. Say goodbye to inconsistent deliveries and hello to a superior grip that will transform your gameplay.Unlock the potential of your bowling with Champion Grip's easy-to-use formula. Follow these simple steps to enhance your grip and unleash your true bowling prowess

Shake and Prepare

Prior to application, give the can a good shake to activate the powerful grip-enhancing solution. Position yourself at a distance of approximately 10cm (4 inches) from the bowl.

Light Application

Gently spray a fine mist of Champion Grip onto your bowl's surface. This initial mist creates the foundation for a consistent grip that will set the stage for your best performance.

Complete Coverage

Ensure comprehensive coverage by smoothly spreading Champion Grip across the entire surface of your bowl. This step is crucial in achieving a dependable grip even in challenging conditions.

Polish for Perfection

Finish strong by polishing your bowl in your preferred manner. Experience the satisfaction of a grip that not only boosts your confidence but also enhances your delivery.

Consistent, Reliable Grip

In the world of bowls, the grip is your foundation for success. Champion Grip Bowls Spray and Polish is your ticket to a consistent, reliable grip that empowers you to deliver your best game, rain or shine. Elevate your performance, harness the psychological edge, and experience the transformative power of a champion's grip

Embrace the Champion Grip 

Are you ready to transcend the boundaries of your game?  Don't let a subpar grip dictate your performance. Take the reins of your game, harness the power of a superior grip, and watch as your victories stack up.Join the league of champions who know the undeniable truth: a strong grip isn't just about the physical – it's about unlocking your full potential. Champion your grip, champion your game. Keep them rolling!

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