Exciting Update: Introducing Our New Champion Grip in a Larger 120mL Can!

Join Us at the Classicone Bowls Tournament for the First Public Reveal

We’re thrilled to bring you some fantastic news that’s sure to elevate your bowls game to the next level! Our team at Champion Grip has been hard at work, and today marks the official launch of our new and improved Champion Grip – now available in a larger 120mL can. The excitement doesn’t stop there; we’re unveiling this remarkable product for the first time at the Classicone Bowls Tournament, hosted by the renowned Witbank Bowls Club. Get ready for a game-changing experience, and don’t forget the golden rule – shake that can!

Champion Grip Spray

The Evolution of Champion Grip: A Bigger and Better Solution

At Champion Grip, innovation is in our DNA. We understand the importance of a superior grip in the world of bowls, and we’re committed to enhancing your experience on the greens. Our new 120mL can takes our grip enhancer to the next level, offering you more of what you love. A larger size means more spray, more coverage, and more confidence in your grip – whether you’re facing dry conditions or a dewy morning game.

Join Us at the Classicone Bowls Tournament

We couldn’t be more excited to showcase our new Champion Grip in action at the Classicone Bowls Tournament. Hosted by the prestigious Witbank Bowls Club, this event brings together bowlers from all around who share a passion for the sport and a dedication to improving their game. Our booth will be the epicenter of innovation, where you can witness firsthand the transformation that our grip enhancer brings to your performance.

Stay Tuned for Exclusive Pictures

We know that seeing is believing, and we’re as excited as you are to capture the magic of this launch. Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for exclusive pictures and updates from the Classicone Bowls Tournament. Get ready to witness the reactions of bowlers as they experience the power of our new 120mL can for the first time.

Remember: Shake That Can!

As you eagerly anticipate trying out our new Champion Grip, don’t forget the essential step – shake that can! The optimal blend ensures that you’ll get the most out of every application, achieving the consistent grip you’ve come to expect from us.

Join the Evolution of Bowls Grip Enhancement

We invite you to be a part of this exciting chapter in Champion Grip’s journey. Embrace the evolution of bowls grip enhancement with our new 120mL can, and experience the confidence and precision that come with a superior grip. Stay connected with us for updates, pictures, and all the excitement from the Classicone Bowls Tournament.

Get ready to grip, conquer, and elevate your game like never before with Champion Grip!

Until next time – let’s roll together with confidence!

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